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Off to Taiwan!

In a couple hours, we'll be heading off to Taipei for two and a half weeks. So excited... :D:D

The scary part is that, when I get back, I have about five more days here, and then I'll be in Boston, exploring the great unknown. I mean, where did the summer go? I didn't even get to finish painting all the walls that I wanted to re-paint! (I recently developed a strange fascination with painting. Just doors and walls, since I have no artistic ability whatsoever, but still!)

Otherwise, life's been pretty normal. I was cleaning up college spam today, and my soul cried every time I had to throw out a viewbook. It's kind of satisfying that I'm done with them, but the trees! Such a waste. In the end, I figured they'd be better off being recycled than sitting in my basement or something, but it was still depressing. The fact that we went to watch Wall-E right afterwards didn't really help. xD That being said, anyone who hasn't seen it should - soooo cuuute. ^____^

Anyway, will post again before going to Boston, promised!
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