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Survived first week of classes!

Am starting to settle into life here. I mean, I haven't died yet, so I guess that's a good sign.

Classes are going well, but they seem fairly normal so far, so I don't have much to say about them as of now. The exception is probably Chem class. You all know the experiment in which Rutherford bombarded a gold foil with alpha particles and then discovered the nucleus. As an experiment, our class threw 266 ping-pong balls at a frame of Styrofoam balls and used the backscatter to calculate the diameter of the styrofoam balls (the nuclei). We ended getting 2.6 cm for the experimental value, and they were 1" styrofoam balls...o_O

On the other hand, after much debate, I decided to switch my Calc with Applications course to regular Calc II. Apparently, the class I'm taking now shows shortcuts and easier ways of doing what I'm supposed to have already learned in Calc II, so I won't get good, solid material from the Applications course. Thank goodness I know this now as opposed to one month into the course. xD

Will be starting Taekwondo on Monday. Can't wait. :D

Also, made it into the symphony orchestra! It sounds like it will be a substantial time commitment, but I'm really looking forward to it. Interestingly enough, I heard one girl audition with the Butterfly Lovers' concerto, and I got such a stupid grin on my face. Unfortunately, the link doesn't have the best recording that I've heard, but it's still good.

What else has happened? Oh yes, apparently the fire alarms at Burton-Conner work. Whether they work at normal hours, I'm not entirely certain, but they definitely work at 3:30 in the morning as well as when it's raining. Hooray.

Miss you all very, very much, and hope things are going well. Thank god for livejournal.
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