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Holy frith, I hope I don't have another week like this last one anytime soon. It wasn't really bad, just really, really hectic. And I mean sleeping at 5:30 hectic. Granted, I don't start class until 10 or 11 usually, but still. In any case, I now know that I really can't afford to slack during the weekends (which I did last weekend).

I also had my first exam - calc. I definitely missed one really, really stupid question, and I just could not figure out another one at all. Walked out very depressed and wanted to bang my head on the wall. Did not indulge the impulse as walls here are either concrete or marble. And there were too many people watching. I just really, really hope it's not an indication of how all my other exams will go.

That being said, this weekend was awesome. I did manage to get some work done, which was very satisfying, and our dorm had an overnight white-water rafting trip that I got back from just a couple hours ago.

We drove up yesterday and headed to the cabins where we built a bonfire (one person kindly donated some of his alcohol to help the fire get started, *facepalm*) and we could see so many stars, which you really can't see in Cambridge. It really was the middle of nowhere, though; on the way, I thought we were in a tunnel for the longest time because there were literally no lights at all.

Half our groups stayed in the cabins, but two of my suitemates and I, along with the rest of the group, headed to a nearby bed and breakfast. I think some people jumped in the hot tub, but the three of us chose to sleep early (read: 11:30, gasp!) but still managed to chat until two in the morning. Go figure.

Woke up bright and early for breakfast. Took the bus a short distance and picked up wetsuits, watershoes, paddles, and helmets. The rafts and the push-off point were a bit further, so we got onto the river sometime between 9 and 10. It was highly amusing, because all the other rafts had eight rowers (plus a guide) whereas we only had seven, five of whom were rather small girls with little to no rafting experience. Surprisingly, we still managed to aim for some of the best rapids and avoid the ones that were really too much, which our guide originally worried we wouldn't be able to handle.

We did manage to lose one rower, though, which was highly amusing. See, at one point in the river the water was deep enough and calm enough for us to get out and swim, but the current was still very strong, and our lightest rower was carried downstream rather quickly. xD Luckily, one of the rafts in front picked her up, but we still wonder what would have happened if we had been the first raft...

Also learned that one should never, ever wear cotton in cold water. It holds water very well and takes a long time to dry off, so I was FREEZING for much of the trip after the swim. No, I did not fall out of the raft at any point. -_-U

All in all, an absolutely awesome experience, and I think everyone should try it at some point in their lives. However, I think I'll go to sleep now because the room has been mimicking the river's flow for a couple hours now, and as comfortable as the rocking motion is, it's also slightly disorienting.

As always, hope everyone's doing well, and thank god for LJ. G'night, all!
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