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I'm going home!! :D

Bought tickets home for Columbus Day weekend - we have that Monday off, so I should get home Saturday the 11th (I have a concert Friday evening or I'd be home by then). Don't get me wrong, I love it here, but going home will be really nice too. Will any of you guys be around?

Conversation that went around our floor the other day:

Burton-Conner President: *email: budget proposals due Saturday*

"How much would it cost to build an ice rink in Porter?" (Porter's a large room downstairs that's usually used for banquets, ballroom dance practice, etc.)

Random freshman: "Why an ice rink? Let's recreate the Jurassic Park. Complete with velociraptors." (The velociraptor is our floor's mascot.)

"I like the ice rink. Clearly you need to be immersed in C5 culture longer, because IM hockey is at the center of it. rink with velicoraptors might be pretty damn cool."

"How cold does Porter get over winter?"

"It gets pretty damn cold because they never turn the heat on...We might need to build it outside in one of the grassy courtyards (like the mem drive side entrance except the ones with grass) because it will probably be colder outside and probably more likely to be allowed. Tools needed: lots of wood, plastic sheeting. It would just be fun to build. We wouldn't really need it because the real rink will be up before it gets cold enough to be able to build a rink anyway, but it's one of those things I've always wanted to do. And it's construction fun, and would be good PR for BC."

"It would be nice to practice hockey outside of games, which we currently can't do. Also, the rink hours are fairly restrictive. I agree with Maria that it would be a lot of fun to build, but probably more doable outside."

"2x8 is about $1/foot at Home Depot, so if we did the 20x40 foot rink that Maria and I measured in the laundry room courtyard, that would only be $120 for the perimeter; probably more like $200-$250 max with bracing and stakes. Any idea what kind of plastic we would need?"

I still doubt that we'll actually go through with it, but this could get very interesting...

Also, I finally started Firefly, and I already love it after just three episodes. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Yes Pichu, I'll get around to Shana...sometime.

Re-watched Ever After with my roommate last night. Good movie, but the prince is just ridiculously annoying. I pretty much watch it for Gustav and Da Vinci (yes, Da Vinci's in a Cinderella tale xD).
Favorite line - French queen: *to her son, on marriage* "Choose wisely - I'm afraid divorce is something they only do in England." xDDD

Ack, thought of going home makes me homesick. I won't be homesick! You hear? I won't, I won't! Won't, won't won't! Nyah, nyah!

...Hm, clearly I need sleep. G'night everybody! xP
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